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“Today, I’d like to introduce our product! Glitter Color Change 3-Piece Set!”

It sounds like the LOL Color Change product maintains the color-changing feature, but this particular version distinguishes itself by incorporating the word “glitter” and using a different material for the hair part. Additionally, it has a unique detail of the character chewing bubblegum. (With the exception of the Lil Sis product, which seems to be quite similar to the previous version.)

Moreover, the fact that the inner part of the hair is semi-transparent and filled with sparkles adds a significant level of glamour and beauty to it. It seems like this is the most satisfying of the three sets.

Products imported to South Korea include LOL Surprise and Lil Sis, with no Pet products being imported. It seems that Pet products may not be in high demand domestically. I purchased both LOL Surprise and Pet products online from 11th Street and Amazon.

I bought the LOL Surprise product for 13,590 KRW and the Pet product for 12,590 KRW. Considering the regular price is 19,900 KRW, it appears that Amazon had the best prices, both online and offline. Products on 11th Street and Amazon sometimes go out of stock temporarily, and their prices can fluctuate due to exchange rates or deals. Therefore, I keep them in my shopping cart and purchase them when the price seems favorable at that time.

That’s a fantastic deal for the LIL SIS product at 5,900 KRW each during the half-price sale at Emart! Buying two at that price is definitely a great bargain!

It’s good to know that there are online options as well, priced in the 7,000 to 8,000 KRW range, which provides flexibility for others who want to purchase the product.

It’s interesting to note that all three variants have the same item instructions inside the surprise ball. Thanks for sharing your shopping experience! Enjoy your LOL Surprise products!

I’ve stored all three types in one sheet. Each ball features 12 random characters.

These days, the LOL Surprise balls that come out have slight variations to the existing characters. However, even though they’re from different seasons, it’s a bit disappointing that the same product is released with only slight changes.

1. LOL Surprise Glitter Color Change

The glitter hair is beautifully preserved, sparkling and lovely.

Unfortunately, I received a product with some disappointments. 😔 There’s a character with glasses, but the glasses were missing, and instead, there were two pairs of shoes… 😕 Even though I’ve bought many LOL products, this is the first time I’ve had such an experience.

Well, at least the character is chewing bubblegum, and both the clothes and shoes are adorned with glitter, which makes it different from the previous products.

Inside the ball, there’s a piece of paper that hints at the contents, a product type guide, a product manual, a handle to attach to the ball, clothes, shoes, accessories, a water bottle, and the doll.”

It’s unfortunate to hear about the missing glasses, but it seems like you still got some interesting accessories with the LOL Surprise product!

The hint about the doll inside the ball. Even though I look at it, I can’t really tell what it is. 😅 When you apply water to the hint paper, it becomes clearer!

The color change is quite dazzling, isn’t it? 😄 The hair part, when seen in person, is intricate and beautiful. The hair is in blue, the ribbon is in red, and the clothes are revealed.

2. LOL Surprise Glitter Color Change PETS

The ball packaging is really sparkling and beautiful

As expected, the PET version also has glitter hair. Inside the ball, there’s a hint paper, instructions, a ball handle, a water bottle, two types of accessories, and the doll. While the hair color change and body change are similar to LOL, it seems that the lack of accessories makes me prefer LOL even more.

It may appear faint, but when you apply water, it becomes much clearer! I really like these kinds of details in LOL products.

The hair changes from semi-transparent to a slightly greenish hue, there’s a heart-shaped color change on the face, and there are doodles on the belly! 😄

3. LOL Surprise Glitter Color Change LIL SIS

The LIL SIS packaging is just as dazzling, but it doesn’t have ‘Glitter Hair’ written on the side of the head.

The LIL SIS product is just a color change like the previous ones, but it doesn’t have the glitter part. I’m not sure if it’s too small to apply or for some other reason, but even though it’s in the same line, it’s a bit disappointing that there’s no glitter.

In the LIL SIS product, you’ll find a hint paper, two types of instructions, accessories (such as shoes or glasses, which vary depending on the doll), a bag, and a ring-shaped keychain-like handle instead of the handle of the other product’s ball.

Even without applying water, it looks very clear… 😄; But still, when you do apply water, it looks even more beautiful with the color change.

The doll has a sparkly pattern all over its body… 😄 The color change for this doll is only on the body. It’s wearing a tuxedo, and the diaper also changes to a deep blue color.

Color changes are known to be divided into friends that react to hot water and friends that react to cold water, but whether it’s my luck or if it applies to all these products, they all responded to cold water for me. You’ll need really cold water, almost ice-cold, for the changes to appear quickly, so playing with ice-cold water should do the trick!

Well then, today, as always, it was a fun toy grabbing experience with my own money!

It sounds like you had a great time with your toy grabs, even though there were some surprises along the way! Enjoy your collection of LOL Surprise products! 😄

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