[Merge Mansion:머지맨션] Grandmother’s Full Party Level-Up Points and Rewards Summary


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Grandmother’s Full Party Level-Up Points and Rewards Summary

Today, the long-awaited Grandmother’s Full Party event has finally come to an end! Did everyone manage to claim their rewards up to level 45? For those who couldn’t quite make it, don’t worry. I’ll provide a summary of the level-up points needed and the dialogues that appeared along the way. I hope this will be helpful for next year’s Grandmother’s birthday event! 😄🎉

1. Levels 0-15 (Segment Level-Up Required Points: 500 points)

레벨 업 보상

You can receive rewards related to the swimming pool at levels 1, 5, 8, 11, and 14. Time skips, energy, and hourglasses will all be rewarded to your event inventory. The level-up points required in this range are all under 100 points.

2. Levels 16-30 (Segment Level-Up Required Points: 1370 points)

You can receive swimming pool-related rewards at levels 20, 23, 26, and 29, and all item rewards except for the brown storage box can be claimed from the event inventory. The level-up points are now starting to increase in hundreds, but it’s still manageable without exceeding 200 points at this stage.

3. Levels 31-45 (Segment Level-Up Required Points: 4350 points)

You can receive swimming pool-related rewards at levels 33, 35, 38, 41, and 45, and all item rewards except for the brown storage box, blue storage box, and Urzula’s Blue Card can be claimed from the event inventory.

To reach level 45, you’ll need a total of 6220 points!

Starting with the event task (40 points) + the first row (5050 points) + event garage cleanup (900 points), you’ll have 5990 points, leaving you with 230 points to reach the remaining level-up points. Keep in mind that you’ll need to repeat the second row at least three times to achieve this, and you should complete the event garage cleanup as well. If it seems challenging to reach level 45, you might want to set a specific level goal and focus on reaching that. At the very least, try to reach level 20 to acquire the swimming pool! Good luck!

4. Rewards for levels beyond 45

If you go beyond level 45, you can receive 300 coins for every 130 points earned. However, even completing the second row task once will only yield 90 points, making it quite challenging to obtain more rewards.  I can relate to the struggle of barely leveling up once before it ends.  It might be a good idea for your mental well-being to just aim for level 45 and not push further. 

  • Here are the dialogues that appear when claiming rewards at levels 1, 8, 14, 20, 29, 35, and 45

Level 1 involves creating the border around the area where the swimming pool will be placed. A new character named Hank appears in this stage, characterized as someone full of self-confidence and perhaps a bit arrogant. As always, it seems that Grandma is hard at work, even in these uncomfortable situations!

Level 8 involves creating a cabin or structure where the swimming pool slide connects. It sounds like Grandma’s escapades might not always go as smoothly as planned, considering the incidents she gets into!

At level 14, you’ve built the swimming pool, and Grandma has come to visit! It seems like she knows that it was Depp who caused the accident, as always!

At level 20, you’ve filled the slide with water, allowing for a fun slide into the swimming pool! It’s the first meeting between Grandma Ursula and Hank. At level 20, you also receive a message stating that you can now permanently own swimming pool decoration items. Enjoy the fun in your newly decorated pool!


At level 29, you fill the area around the swimming pool with potted plants. It seems Hank’s way of speaking is causing some frustration! As new characters are introduced, it’s not uncommon for less likable individuals to appear, too.

At level 35, you fill the swimming pool with tubes and decorate the surroundings with balloons. After completing this, a conversation unfolds! It seems Hank’s self-confidence knows no bounds, and Grandma Ursula might be running out of patience with him!

At level 45, you receive the final reward. In level 45, Grandma places a tube for herself inside the swimming pool. Grandma is even wearing goggles while riding the tube, quite the stylish touch!  Furthermore, in the dialogue that follows, a new character is introduced. Although they don’t reveal their face, it’s none other than the Mayor! The Mayor personally calls to wish Grandma Ursula a happy birthday. It seems like Grandma Ursula has some serious connections!

“Here we are! The end of Grandma’s Pool Party event! I’ve summarized the level-up points and rewards. I wish I could have done it faster, but it always ends up like this. It was challenging, but I had a blast going through it intensively after a long time. I received a bit of stress too, but it was still fun! Looking forward to the next event! So, I’ll leave you with the final product of Grandma’s Pool Party event, the completed swimming pool.

할머니의 풀 파티 수영장

Have a delightful Merge Mansion day today too! 😄🌟


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