[Merge Mansion:머지맨션]Julius’s Mystery (23.8.11~9.8)


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Julius’s Mystery Event

줄리어스의 미스터리

Julius’s Mystery, a 28-day seasonal event! In this season’s event, if you make a payment of 14,000 won, you’ll receive a golden key, granting you daily 5 free gems, an additional 5 inventory slots until the event concludes, and special decorations for Grandma’s cottage! The price of the golden key may vary from one event to another, even though it’s a recurring purchase due to the inventory expansion.

Julius’s grandfather and Maddy, who appear at the start of the event! Julius’s curiosity has led him to investigate Maddy’s family history! It seems like there are many secrets not only with Grandma but also with Maddy’s entire family.

Here’s how you can start: And then, Maddy and Julius’s grandfather will reappear when you complete a full sentence (level 4)!

The Bolton family holds secrets even in their family research! Julius came up with the sentence again. I thought Julius’s grandfather only ran an antique shop, but he seems to have skills in design as well! It’s beautiful!

1. Required Points for Level Up and Rewards by Level

Season events provide rewards from levels 0 to 45 as a baseline, and there are rewards beyond that. It’s a season event where you can earn even more rewards if you work hard!

The points needed for leveling up and the rewards for levels 0 to 12 are as follows. It seems like the basic rewards have been slightly downgraded compared to previous season events, but we’re still thankful for anything.

You can progress smoothly up to level 24 as well. It feels like the rewards are quite minimal if you don’t receive the golden key rewards.

The rewards in this range improve a bit to compensate for the challenging leveling up. You’ll receive infinite energy balls, brown storage boxes, and although it might be tough up to level 45, it’s a good idea to aim for rewards up to level 30. Decorations for Grandma’s house are available only up to level 25.

Leveling up continues even beyond level 45! When you reach level 3, you can receive a 4-hour hourglass, and for the golden key reward, you can get two 20-minute infinite energy balls. It sounds like you’ve been working hard for infinite energy. 

Since the last update, you can merge different durations of infinite energy, like 5 minutes, 10 minutes, and 20 minutes, and even split them using scissors. Since the 20-minute ones take up a lot of time for inventory management, it’s a good idea to split them into 10 or 5 minutes for more efficient use. 

For level 4, you need 1700 points, and the regular reward is 1500 coins, while the golden key reward gives you 100 gems. It seems like you couldn’t overcome the level 4 barrier this time, but don’t worry, there will be more opportunities in the future!

2. Grandma’s House Decorations


The decorations that allow you to decorate Grandma’s House can be obtained by purchasing golden keys. They appear at levels 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25, and the dialogues that accompany them as rewards provide insights into the event story.

  • Level 5: Grand Bolton Station

It’s a decoration composed of a train station and railway in front of Grandma’s house, complete with travel bags and a train. It’s impressive how much knowledge Maddy has about this!

  • Level 10: Sentence Banner

The sentence banner, which is displayed on one side of Grandma’s house, allows you to hear an explanation of the sentence created by Julius. After an enjoyable conversation between Maddy and Julius, Grandma makes her appearance!

  • Level 15: Bolton Airlines

A giant hot air balloon has appeared next to Grandma’s house. Information about the airship seems to have disappeared, but I wonder if Grandma knows anything about it…?

  • Level 20: Front Porch Decor Souvenir

It looks like the decorations beside the entrance, including the key, pirate outfit, airship, and now a ship, have all been added! Along with the mention of pirates, the mischievous Mason appears with his ear-flapping antics.  Grandma seems quite uncomfortable.  It’s surprising how many items from Julius’s antique shop seem to belong to Maddy’s family!

  • Level 25: Mast

The mast installed on Grandma’s roof! Maddy who installed that there is really… impressive! But it seems like Grandma knows something too! Once again, she leaves without telling Maddy. I wonder if she’ll tell Julius…?

As Julius’s mystery comes to an end today, here’s the dialogue that appeared at the end!

Grandma seems to have solved something through a conversation with Julius! Please tell Maddy too… We’re all so curious! The Julius’s Mystery event has come to an end, leaving us with curiosity. As soon as the event ended, the baking contest began. There seems to be an update coming soon, and with the 3rd anniversary gifts being given, I’m looking forward to a 3rd-anniversary event! The anniversary gifts include 1,000 coins on September 8th, a 3-hour hourglass on the 13th, and Mystery Pie on the 18th. You can receive the anniversary gifts in your message inbox, so be sure to collect them within the given timeframe! There’s also news of a Halloween event in the update information on YouTube! It looks like a new decoration collection will be added, so I’m excited for the update! Despite not knowing when I might get tired of it, for now, it’s still my number one game!

The notification that appears after the conversation, signaling the end of Julius’s Mystery event! It seems like Julius has uncovered a lot…  He leaves with a secret and that mischievous laugh of his is quite intriguing!

Now, let’s wait for the new event and for now, let’s dive into the baking contest that started today!! Have a great time in Merge Mansion today too!

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