[Kakao Friends:카카오프렌즈] Desk Brick Figure “CHOONSIK” (110pcs)


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Desk Brick Figure “CHOONSIK”

데스크 브릭 피규어 춘식

It sounds like you’re really excited about the new addition to the Kakao Friends Shop, the Desk Brick Figure CHOONSIK! Even if your colleagues might not know, having it on your desk can add a touch of fun and personality to your workspace. Enjoy decorating your desk with it!

That’s great to hear! The quality label and the authentic sticker with Con on the bottom make it clear that you’ve got the genuine Desk Brick Figure CHOONSIK. It’s the little details that make collecting these items even more special!

Inside the box, you’ll find 2 bags of bricks, a background board for CHOONSIK, 1 bag of CHOONSIK bricks, an instruction manual, stickers, and a name card set. It seems like you have everything you need to assemble and enjoy your Desk Brick Figure CHOONSIK!

It sounds like you had a fun time assembling the Desk Brick Figure Chunsik! With a total of 117 bricks, including the extra ones, and around 110 used in the assembly, it’s great that you found a suitable spot for the yellow chair and orange cup to complement CHOONSIK!

As for the assembly process, it took around 15 minutes, and it’s good to know that it wasn’t overly difficult. Your tip about attaching the stickers before assembly for better positioning is quite handy! Thanks for sharing your experience, and enjoy your newly assembled Desk Brick Figure CHOONSIK on your desk!

Hanging my employee ID badge around CHOONSIK’s neck, with a document bag in hand, he looks incredibly cute!! The computer is not Apple but a sweet potato brand! 😂 It gives off a real office desk vibe, although it would have been better if I could place the chair a bit closer… Can’t have CHOONSIK sitting on it. 😢 Instead, if I put him in front, we have a desk buddy CHOONSIK!

CHOONSIK even comes with a status notification card along with his business cards! There are three cards in total, with printing on both sides. You can use them to indicate tea time, business trips, vacations, and meetings. CHOONSIK’s business cards are just too cute!

The leftover stickers after attaching them to the bricks! You can either stick them onto the bricks if you like or use them elsewhere, it’s up to the user’s preference~!!  If you’re a fan of CHOONSIK, it might be a shame to not use them..ㅎㅎ After finishing all my bricks, I have six left.

Having it on your actual desk definitely adds to the atmosphere~!! I’ll try placing CHOONSIK’s card along with it. You can use it as a business card holder, or even use it as a photo frame by inserting pictures. It’s perfect for displaying cute photo cards or your favorite snapshots. 

Enjoy the pleasure and cuteness of your own purchase once again today! That’s all for now!

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