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Today’s post is the beginning of the OMG series! It’s about the four friends from Series 1.

When Series 1 came out, I didn’t even know about the OMG series. Then, when I found out, I didn’t think I’d get so into it, and I just let it pass. But I probably regretted it when the prices skyrocketed on Amazon, and I debated whether to buy it even if it was expensive. Then, in a moment of realization, I found out that it was available on Amazon Japan and ended up buying it through Japanese Amazon. It’s funny how things turned out.

It turns out that Takara Tomy was the importer in Japan.

I understand that Japanese might be unfamiliar. Series 1, the original big sisters are here!


The black silhouette reveals the original character when you pull it to the side. The back is all the same, but the characters are painted in different colors.

Royal Vee open! The hair is incredibly voluminous, isn’t it?

Royal Vee is wearing a jumpsuit (or swimsuit?), along with knee-high stockings. In addition to the basic outfit, there are also accessories like sunglasses, shoes, a bag, earrings, a necklace, and a belt.

In the same pose as the character! Due to the volume of the hair, the bangs tied up like horns aren’t very visible. Haha.

Even the detail of drawing a sidelock on the forehead is lovely. Everything is matched with the basic gold color, from makeup to nail polish!

As for the necklace, it’s a product that you just have to put in forcefully, so be careful not to use too much force as it can easily break.

(There’s a story behind the necklace… it’s a cherished necklace!!! I’ll talk about that at the end!)

OMG1 series received a lot of love, and this time it has been renewed with all four characters being released again. The renewed products have been simplified, and the basic packaging boxes are gone. The dolls come with all their clothes already on, and sunglasses are no longer included. Also, it seems like the belt part has been changed to lock from the back. (The original products were just hung on, so they might have felt a bit loose? Haha.)

While there have been quite a few releases in the renewed series, it seems that Series 1 is the only one that has all the previous products re-released.


Your hair… I should sue the hairstylist… It got messed up while trimming it.

Neon is wearing a basic tee and shorts, along with a hat, sunglasses, earrings, a jumper, overall skirt, handbag, bracelet, and shoes.

Neon’s outfit is full of personality, from the colors to the clothing and accessories! Seeing the beret and overall skirt, it looks like they might be a fashion design student.

Posing with the character! Those butterfly-shaped glasses are two-toned, and the handbag is shaped like a doll! The makeup is truly fluorescent and sparkly!

It seems like Neon has collected all the colors you can find in highlighters!  From neon colors to colorful makeup, Neon is truly a spectacle. There’s also hidden fun in the fact that when you shine a light on Neon from the Dance series, they transform into something dazzling.

In the re-released Neon, you can meet them without the beret and sunglasses.


The charming point is the cute Lady Diva!

Lady Diva is wearing a miniskirt and hot pants as the basics, and her outfit includes a jacket, skirt, microphone, two necklaces, earrings, a belt, handbag, and boots.

Perhaps because she’s a diva, Lady Diva seems to be dressed for a night out, even carrying a microphone. The downside is that the microphone can make her look a bit like a tour guide with it… Haha. It would have been nice if she had a bit more variety in colors. Her hairstyle is a characteristic feature with straight bangs and wavy long hair at the back. The outfit is quite stylish, and the fur is fabulous. The furry skirt could go well with Neon’s jumper, too!

A stylish Diva! The belt has “DIVA” boldly written on it, and she’s wearing two necklaces simultaneously! The one that says “SLAY”… I guess she’s telling us that she’s the one who slays, right? Haha.

Diva mainly uses pink as her color, but she doesn’t overdo it and uses it as an accent color, which makes it even more stylish. Her earrings are detailed with a snake shape, and there’s a slight slit in her skirt hem, showing the attention to detail in this doll.

(However, her hair color is so bright that you can see through it, and the hair parting line is drawn in pink, so it can be a bit distracting. I wonder if they changed it in the renewal?)

In the renewed version, the silver necklace and wireless microphone are missing.


As her name suggests, she has a strong swag! She proudly flaunts those unique boots!

Swag comes naturally to Swag, wearing a jumpsuit (with a mesh center…) and socks as the basics. Her outfit also includes shoes, two necklaces, a handbag, and sunglasses.

Just as her name suggests, she’s overflowing with swag! Her outfit is hip, and it’s all topped off with those fabulous boots!!

And those meticulously braided hair are truly magnificent! Her charm points are on the opposite side compared to Diva.

Swag is beautifully illuminated, isn’t she? She looks stunning with that perfect balance of gold and red brightness.

The necklace is quite long and made of plastic, so it tends to float away from the chest when you wear it, which is a bit unfortunate. As for the doll wearing socks, it was quite a struggle to put on the shoes. They must have worked hard! Haha.

In the renewed Swag, the short necklace and sunglasses are missing. Also, the necklace I mentioned is fixed to the clothes in the renewed version, so it doesn’t float away.

It seems like they put a lot of effort into the first release of the OMG series, perhaps because it was the debut. It got renewed and even came out with a different configuration in the LOL series, so it feels like the backbone of the OMG series.

The start of the personality-filled OMG series! I’ll return with new dolls in the next post.

Today, it was another enjoyable doll hunt, where I got what I paid for.

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